How Does Municipal Water Affect Your Plumbing?
Think about this. A copper pipe by itself would last thousands of years on its own. Introduce water into the copper and leaks start happening. Why is that?
In order for your water to be safe to drink, municipal water districts have to treat the water with chemicals…mainly chloramines in San Diego County. Chloramines are a mixture of chlorine, ammonia and water and they kill harmful bacteria that is naturally in our water supply. However, once the bacteria is killed, the chloramines are no longer needed but still in the water that is delivered to your home. The chemicals make up chloramines have also been found to be a corroding factor in copper pipes…thus leaks.
The problem is we have to rely on water to live. Not only do we need to drink it, we bathe in it and use water to clean our clothes and dishes.
The solution is a whole house water filtration system. The Honest Water Filter Company has a variety of water treatment products for your individual needs and budget.