Drain Services in Ramona and Surrounding Areas

Have Clogged Drains?

Over time, toilets, showers, tubs, kitchen drains, or any other drain can run more slowly and eventually clog with grease, soap, toothpaste, hair, excess toilet paper and non-flushable products that can build up inside pipes. For many homeowners, a liquid drain cleaner seems like a miracle product. Just pour a few cups of chemicals down the drain, dissolving a partial clog and sending waste water into the sewer. Unfortunately, chemical drain cleaners can have lasting effects.

See “Can Chemical Drain Cleaners Cause Damage?” below. If you find yourself facing a clogged drain, the technicians at Rooter-Man Plumbers will use the proper drain equipment to cut through the clog, remove the debris, and restore your clogged drains to full functionality.

You can rely on Rooter-Man Plumber’s 25 years of experience to solve your drain issues. The professionals at Rooter-Man Plumbers are available to perform routine drain maintenance, emergency drain clearing and main line sewer clearing. Our plumbers provide both residential and commercial emergency drain services 24/7

Chronic Clogged Drains? Your Mainline Sewer May Need Additional Cleaning!

If you’re noticing recurring clogs in your drains, then it may be time to hydro-jet your sewer main line. Hydrojetting is the process of using a high-pressured flow of water from a truck-mounted jetting machine to scour the interior surfaces of the main line sewer, where it cuts through roots, scale, grease and other debris and pushes it through the drain. This achieves a comprehensive cleaning of the pipes, and in many cases, will alleviate backups in your main line for a year or more.

Who Can You Trust To Get The Job Done Right?

In San Diego County and surrounding areas, Rooter-Man Plumbers is one of the most trusted companies for the last 20 years. If you are having drain issues, give Rooter-Man Plumbers a call at (760) 789-0585 and let one of our friendly service professionals give you a free evaluation of your drain problem and what are the best solutions!


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