One of the most important pieces of your plumbing system may be one you don’t even know about. That’s the Pressure Relief Valve or more commonly known as the PRV.

The PRV regulates the water pressure coming into your home. Why is that important? Just like your blood pressure, high water pressure can be dangerous to your pipes and plumbing system in general. High water pressure puts undo stress on your plumbing joints and fixtures. Over time, these joints will fail under high water pressure and cause leaks and ultimately flooding of your home.

Unfortunately, PRVs typically only last 5-7 years due to the extraordinarily high water pressure here in San Diego County. Your best bet is to have one of our plumbing specialists come out and provide you a FREE PRV test to ensure you and your plumbing system are protected and safe from unnecessary pressure.

This is an image of a pressure relief valve that controls water pressure
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