Tank Hot Water Heater Installation in Ramona and Surrounding Areas

What Should I Know About My Water Heater

Your water heater is one of the most important elements of your home’s plumbing system. Water heaters are responsible for producing all of the hot water you need for bathing, cleaning, and taking care of other things we all take for granted. When your water heater goes on the fritz, it’s time to call a professional.

At Rooter-Man Plumbers of San Diego we offer complete water heater repair and services in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Whether you need water heater repairs, a new tank water heater or are interested in upgrading to a newer, more efficient tankless model, our expert plumbing technicians can help. Plus, we always stand behind the quality of our work 100%.Tank Water Heater being installed image

Typical Tank Water Heaters typically last only around 8-12 years, whereas Tankless Water Heaters will last up to twice as long or about 20 years depending on the quality of your water. Unfortunately in Southern California, Water Heaters don’t last quite as long years due to the extremely poor water quality in San Diego and surrounding areas. For this reason, we suggest adding whole house water filtration system to help all your water using appliances last longer.

We Only Install Bradford White Water Heaters

In our commitment to deliver only the finest plumbing service to our valued customers, Rooter-Man Plumbers of San Diego only install the finest products on the market. That’s why we only install Bradford/White Water Heaters and here’s why:

  • 100% Made In USA
  • Made of the finest materials
  • Best water heater for the money
  • Full 6-year warranty on materials

We pride ourselves on a no hassle, no pressure approach to solving your water heater issues. Call us today at (760) 789-0585and get your free quote which is valid for 30 days, so you can decide on your timeframe.