Toilet Installation in San Diego and Surrounding Areas

Your toilet overflowing can ruin your expensive flooring and just make a big, smelly mess! If your toilet is leaking or not flushing fully, it’s probably time to replace your old and worn out toilet with a new water-saving model.

Does Your Toilet Keep Running After You Flush

When water from the tank is keeps running into the bowl, there is a problem with your toilet. While the problem could be as minor as worn out flapper, it could be something more major. Look in the tank and push down on the flapper to see if it sealing. If when you push down, the water is still running then it’s time to replace the flapper. If not, most likely there is a crack in your tank and needs replacing.

Is Your Water Level Is Low?

Are you noticing consistently lower levels of water in your tank or bowl? You may have some kind of clog. Let one of our friendly plumbing professionals diagnose your issue and give you a free in-home estimate.

Start Saving Water in Poway, CA

As you already know, we pay very high water rates here in San Diego. If your toilets are 10 years old or more, they not as water efficient the new ones on the market today. Some of the newer toilets use less than one gallon per flush, which is a big water savings over time based on the higher water rates in San Diego, CA and surrounding areas.

Start saving water and money today!

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