My Water In Ramona and surrounding Communities Is Safe, Right?

Depending on the source, San Diego County’s water quality is ranked anywhere from 4th to 9th worst in the country! In fact, in a recent San Diego Union Tribune satisfaction survey our fellow residents ranked our water quality second to last.

While the EPA does consider our water to be safe to drink, there are many contaminants and bacteria that may be present in your home’s water. Consider this: Our water has been around for millions of years and we are merely recycling it. Over that time, man has created more and more pollutants and chemicals that end up in our water.

As a result, access to safe, clean healthy water is more challenging than ever. Contaminants as illustrated below along with an aging infrastructure – which includes daily water main breaks – continue to cause challenges for municipal water. Protecting people and their homes has become increasingly difficult.

Contaminants in Water Supply

To mitigate these challenges, your local municipal water district adds chlorine or chloramines to disinfect the water before it reaches your home. However, once the water is in your home, you no longer need (or want) the disinfectant as it adversely affects the taste and odor of drinking water and causes damage to expensive plumbing fixtures.

Water Hardness in Ramona, Poway, Rancho Bernardo and Surrounding Areas

Another water challenge facing San Diego County is hardness. Hard water greatly contributes to shorten lifespans of your faucets toilets, dishwashers, washing machines and any water-using appliance. Hard water minerals also corrode copper pipes and leave a white residue on faucets.

According to the city of San Diego, we have some of the hardest water in the country. In fact, Ramona and surrounding areas average around 16 grains per gallon of hardness which equals about 276 parts per million.

As you can see on the water hardness scale below, 16 grains is VERY HARD!

Water Hardness Chart

So, What’s The Solution?

If you have ever attended a home show in Del Mar or at the San Diego Convention Center, you know there are many choices available in water treatment. Most traditional systems feature a couple large stand-up tanks and perhaps a small “pre-filter.” While these systems will give you better tasting water and maybe treat “some” hardness, they typically need the head to be programmed, need electricity, require a drain and use up to 70 gallons each time they are backwashed wasting a lot of expensive water.

Fortunately There is an Alternative

Rooter-Man Plumbers of San Diego┬áis one of the few dealers in San Diego County to offer Honest Water Filters…a revolutionary cartridge-based system in water treatment systems. They easily mount on the wall – saving you space. They do not require backwashing, electricity or a drain – saving you money. And the don’t need programming – saving you aggravation if the power goes out. Click below to learn about the advantages of an Honest Water Whole Home System!

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