If your toilet is not flushing completely and water is overflowing, here are some suggestions as to how you can go about unclogging your toilet.  You can also call 858-679-0585 and one of our plumbing experts will walk you through the process.

Using A Plunger

Not all plungers are created equal. Find one with a rubber overhang that extends past the bell of the plunger. This shape will help you get more power out of every thrust.
Here are the steps to clearing a toilet: 
1.  Let the water recede as much as possible.
2.  Push the plunger into the drain using a back and forth motion. As you start pushing and pulling, start with a gentle push as the first wave of air can spatter toilet water all over your bathroom.
3.  Keep the plunger submerged in water as much as possible throughout the exercise.
4.  Use a combination of fast and firm strokes until the object has been dislodged.
5.  Always maintain the seal by keeping the edges of the plunger wrapped around the drain.

Using A Toilet Auger

While using a regular plunger will get rid of most toilet clogs, some situations may require a toilet auger, a long metal tool that reaches down into the drain.
Here are the steps to using an auger:
1.  Position the auger so that the curved end of the auger handle pipe is facing the same direction as the drain in your toilet.
2.  Leave 4 to 6 inches of cable between the drain and the end of the auger handle pipe. Tighten the set screw on the auger when this length has been obtained.
3.  Push the toilet auger cable through the toilet drain cranking the auger in a clockwise position. When it stops, push the cable forward. If you feel the toilet auger grab onto something or it breaks up the clog in the toilet drain, gently turn and pull the cable out of the toilet drain. Do not use force when using the auger as this can cause the porcelain in the toilet to crack or chip.
Once you have established a better drainage in the toilet, use a plunger to ensure that the clog or obstruction is completely cleared.

Easy Tips For Avoiding A Clogged Toilet

  • Many clogs are caused by too much toilet paper in the bowl. Never place any paper product into the toilet bowl other than toilet paper. For example, wet wipes and paper towels can quickly stop up the toilet drain line or cause a clog further down the sewer line. Feminine hygiene products should never be disposed of in the toilet, always the trash. Keep small objects away from the toilet bowl. If something is dropped into the bowl, never try to flush it down, as this can quickly cause a clog.
    Make sure your toilet is supplying an adequate amount of water to evacuate the bowl fully and clear the drain.
  • If you still are unable to remove the clog in your toilet’s drain after a few attempts with the toilet auger, it may be time to enlist the help of a professional plumber. Call the plumbing professionals at Brockmire Plumbing Services at 858-679-0585 to safely and effectively clear your toilets.